Automation with Ansible, a recent self learning!

Alain Airom (Ayrom)
2 min readSep 15, 2022

It’s been a while since I was looking for a real good read on Ansible, fortunately I came across two books.

The first one: “Ansible for Real-Life Automation”!
Automation is a kind of a big part of my job, writing scripts, Terraform… and I’m quite happy with that, the problem is I was not so hand’s on with Ansible, and I really wanted to overcome this “technical debt” :)
But now, after reading this book I’m much more familiar with the hands-on part of Ansible and not any more frightened to use it.
The technical books I like are those who guide through beginner baby steps from the very beginning and gradually move toward more complex situations and use-cases, and this is the case with this book.
The chapters I appreciated the most were those regarding automation in cloud/devops/container based environments (7, 9 and 10).
Another one of the chapters I loved was the one which walks through the secret management for cloud native environments, which I use heavily on a current project.

The second book is “Ansible by Examples”.

This one I found even more practical as it starts really with very basic examples, more easy to apply on a local computer for instance. Maybe less “cloud native” oriented, but in my opinion a very practical guide.

Final word; I loved these two books, reading both with some overlaps helped me to understand really the basics of Ansible. They were very helpful for my learning path and I recommend them to people doing automation in their day-to-day jobs!



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