Do you want to embed a bit of IBM AI in your solutions?

Preamble — What is the Watson NLP and why it could interest you?

The “Watson Natural Language Processing (NLP) Library for Embed” provides natural language processing functions for syntax analysis, and pre-trained models for a wide variety of text processing tasks, in a fully embeddable library.

What is “Techzone Accelerator Toolkit”?

As an end-user (DevOps, SRE, developer…) of a specific technology, such as the module described above, nobody wants to spend time on the deployments side of the solution, but to focus on where the value really is. Deploying any kind of complexe solution is a big piece of work, and it becomes very much complex when the aim is to use it on Kubernetes based environments on different clouds or distributions (e.g.: IBM, Azure, Aws, Kind, Minikube…). A team of IBM experts has built a solution which provides an incredibly easy toolkit which could do this with very few efforts.

“Build Lab” team bring together the best of the two worlds!

In order to make it as easy and smooth as possible for an end-user (partner/customer/curious developer) to use the embeddable AI solution, our team built an automated solution which makes an end-to-end deployment in just about one hour and so the DevOps/SRE persona would be able to deploy the NLP solution in their preferred environments.

What does the Build Labs “Watson-Automation” asset do?

This asset is a ready-to-use solution to show how to deploy rapidly the NLP module in an environement and how to use it with the essential aim to remove the burden of a sophisticated deployment task and to focus on the final aim of using AI

  • Runtime container which provides gRPC and REST interfaces via a service
  • One model container for syntax predictions.
  • UBI container which is configured to run a command which invokes the Watson NLP runtime container via REST.

Meet the dream team

Meet the IBM Build Lab team :)


Happy AI embedding! :D



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