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  • Alexander Block

    Alexander Block

    DevOps Engineer

  • Grégoire DAYET

    Grégoire DAYET

    Cloud Architect

  • Jaffa Sztejnbok

    Jaffa Sztejnbok

    SW Architect, Developer Advocate, Developers Ecosystem and IBM’s AlphaZone accelerator

  • jerome.decoster


    Cloud Engineer — Cloud Architecture — DevOps — 3x AWS Certified — http://jeromedecoster.github.io

  • Tony Norlin

    Tony Norlin

    Homelab tinkerer. ❤ OpenSource. illumos, Linux, kubernetes, networking and security. Recently eBPF. Connect with me: www.linkedin.com/in/tonynorlin

  • Federico Mete

    Federico Mete

    Sr Software Engineering Manager

  • Olivier Pichon

    Olivier Pichon

    Tech entrepreneur. CTO at dzango tech accelerator.

  • Molly Sheets

    Molly Sheets

    Former Principal SA, Enterprise Games & Principal PMT, Spatial @AWS, 25 Releases, 4x Certs, 10x Unity, Eng Leader w/ 15+ Yrs in Entertainment & Software Dev.

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