How to deploy an application on IBM Kubernetes Services (a.k.a. IKS)

ibmcloud login -a -u passcode -p xxxxxx 
(xxxx generated randomly by IBM Cloud)
ibmcloud ks cluster config --cluster xxxxx
or in our example
ibmcloud ks cluster config --cluster c2jr04vd0gva8pgpoam0
kubectl config current-context

1. Deployement of a sample application

kubectl create deployment guestbook --image=ibmcom/guestbook:v1
deployment.apps/guestbook created
kubectl get pods
$ kubectl get pods
guestbook-59bd679fdc-bxdg7 1/1 Running 0 1m

2. Make the application visible and accessible to users

  • Port: the port on which the service is exposed. Other pods can communicate with it via this port.
  • TargetPort: the actual port on which your container is deployed. The service sends requests to this port and the pod container must listen to the same port.
  • NodePort: exposes a service externally to the cluster. So the application can be accessed via this port externally. By default, it’s automatically assigned during deployment.
kubectl expose deployment guestbook --type="NodePort" --port=3000
service/guestbook exposed
kubectl get service guestbook
NAME        TYPE       CLUSTER-IP    EXTERNAL-IP   PORT(S)          AGE
guestbook NodePort <none> 3000:31747/TCP 2m2s
ibmcloud ks workers --cluster $CLUSTER_NAME 
(if you have already set this) or
ibmcloud ks workers --cluster c2jr04vd0gva8pgpoam0
(in case of this example)
ID                                                       Public IP       Private IP      Flavor   State    Status   Zone    Version
kube-c0igf50d0t5cp9eut8o0-aammycluste-default-0000004d free normal Ready mex01 1.18.15_1540

3. Additional information and resources




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