My take from “Demystifying Ansible Automation Platform”

Since my last post about a book I read about Ansible (yes sorry… Anible again), I thought I was done with this subject and I knew all that was needed to know about Ansible (in theory at least), well I was a bit wrong. While what I already read was great, I had the opportunity to read another very good and practical book on Ansible. This comes on top of everything I already read (and a few time I spent on practicing :D ).

As usual and like all other books, this one starts with an introduction to what Ansible is, how to install it etc… which I already knew and didn’t have to spend a lot of time on the first chapters. The parts which were (are actually) really useful to me are the following chapters;

-6-> Configuring Role- Based Access Control

-8-> Creating Execution Environments

-9-> Automation Hub Management

and finally the one I most appreciated is the chapter 12 talking about “Using CI/CD to interact with Automation controllers”.

To me this book is the right next level to deepen my theorical and practical knowledge on Ansible. I really recommend it to all who are eager to learn (or learn more) about Ansible.

The author (Sean Sullivan) is an inside man (meaning he works at Red Hat as a consultant for Ansible) and it is obvious when you read the book, because it is well written and is understandable.

Final word; if you’re still in the process of learning Ansible, this book is a good resource.



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