New Open-Source Multi-Cloud Asset to build SaaS (Originally Published by Niklas Heidloff)

Original article;

  • Kubernetes using either IBM Kubernetes Service or OpenShift on IBM Cloud
  • IBM Code Engine (serverless)
  • IBM Continuous Delivery CI/CD pipelines using Tekton
  • IBM Cloud Databases for PostgreSQL
  • IBM App ID
  • IBM Container Registry
  • Terraform
  • Simple bash scripts to create and deploy the sample application container images, and the PostgreSQL and AppID cloud services.
  • A simple DevOps toolchain with CI/CD pipelines which deploys to IBM Code Engine. The pipelines orchestrate build, test, and deployment jobs (optionally across multiple environments) as changes progress from the developer to production.
  • A more comprehensive DevSecOps toolchain which deploys to a Kubernetes cluster. This brings a more robust process where the CI/CD pipelines ensure that code is scanned for security vulnerabilities (e.g. secrets or credentials), and repository branch protection prevents a developer from directly updating the main branch without first issuing a pull/merge request to be approved by a second developer. In addition, the container images are scanned for vulnerabilities, a dynamic application security testing tool looks for vulnerabilities in the deployed application, and application acceptance tests all contribute to a secure and quality assured release.




IT guy for a long time, looking for technical challenges everyday!

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Alain Airom (Ayrom)

Alain Airom (Ayrom)

IT guy for a long time, looking for technical challenges everyday!

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