One of my first readings of 2023: Edge Computing Systems with Kubernetes

The book “Edge Computing Systems with Kubernetes” was on my top priority reading planned for this year, and now it’s done :)

First disclaimer: I didn’t go throug all the practical stuff which is described in this book (to be honest :) ) BUT I did do the the first chapters regarding K3s, k3OS… until the end of chapter 5. I say just that it was so much fun and I enjoyed it a lot. The book’s instructions are clear and there is a good step-by-step job done. I was very fund of myself accessing the kubernetes dashboard!

Putting the fun side apart, and most importantly, reading and practicing using this book gave me a better understanding of handling kubernetes and application deployments on edge devices. I already have some experience withh customers having solutions on edge platforms, the subject is not a discovery to me, but reading this book which covers all aspects of provisioning an edge infrastructure to deploying applications, enabling monitoring and with examples regarding computer vision and geo-tracking… was really nice.

I think this is a good book to read for anyone who is interested in edge and kubernetes.



IT guy for a long time, looking for technical challenges everyday!

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